8,126 Christmas cards sent to those who are serving

Harry Hollar

Harry Holler

It was Harry Holler, a longtime Green River resident and U.S. veteran, who got the ball rolling.

Last year was the largest number of cards — 12,000 in all — sent to troops. This year, 8,126 soldiers will receive a Christmas card.

“That’s what counts the most. I don’t look at it as down, I look at it as 8,126 soldiers getting cards,” Holler said. “I like a big number but it’s irrelevant. And this might be the only thing they get from home, you know.”

The thought occurred to him about seven years ago.

“I sat back and thought of a soldier in a trench or wherever you are in Iraq or Afghanistan. You get one of these cards from a preschooler with scribbles and with a family back home, and I thought how much that would mean to me. How awesome that would be,” Holler said. “I knew we needed to do something for the soldiers. If you’re a dad over there, getting that card from one of these kids; how heart warming it would feel to them. It’s just something I had to do for these kids over there.”

He decided to get the word out.

He talked to schools throughout Green River and Rock Springs and sent emails. Before he knew it, the schools were on board. Now, many elementary and middle schools in Sweetwater County participate in creating and sending Christmas cards to soldiers fighting overseas during the holiday season.

A school tradition

“The holiday greeting cards are just one of the ways that we help them (students) to be mindful,” AJ Nathan, principal at Monroe Middle School said. “It’s just helpful for the students to remember that there are enlisted men and women from our community helping in those parts of the world. It’s easy for them and all of us to forget about the service that the soldiers are giving.”

Monroe Middle School in Green River is one of many schools in the Sweetwater County community that participate in the Christmas card roundup. This year, Monroe gathered 1,000 cards from their school alone.

“Our real big push is to get kids involved in the community and see beyond themselves. So we’re really strong in community service. The kids that do the counting and editing, there’s a great deal of pride in this,” Monroe teacher Lori Hastert said. “I just think that it’s wonderful to send a little bit of home to people that give so much to us.”

Community service and the spirit of giving is a big deal at Monroe Middle School.

“It’s actually not an area we are testing on. It kind of has an immeasurable value to help our students realize the gift of giving, and there are always so many ways to help people.”

The number of schools participating in the program expands every year. The town of Farson added to the mix this season, as well as some out-of-state families who heard about it on Facebook. Holler got on Facebook and received 100 cards from people in Georgia. Next year, he plans to get on Facebook a little earlier to get the word out.

It takes a lot of people

“It’s not a one-man thing over here. There’s a lot of people involved,” Holler said. “I’m just a small part of what happens with these Christmas cards for soldiers.”

Holler is humble in his involvement.

“The part I do is just getting the ball rolling and get them (cards) all in the right spot. Everybody else takes a part in this because they love doing it; I mean the teachers, the kids, just everyone. I can’t say enough good things about what happens around here,” Holler said.

Holler starts the process with an email to schools in the community in the fall. Teachers, staff and students get involved in making the cards. After the cards are collected at the schools, the Rock Springs schools deliver their cards to Rock Springs City Hall. Holler picks the cards up and takes them to the Community Development Department in Green River. The Green River schools also deliver their cards there. And Holler drops off whatever cards are left. The Community Development Department then mails the packages out. They also take on the expense of shipping all the cards.

Remembering his past

Holler knows the difficulties of serving in the armed forces. He spent three years in the U.S. Army starting around 1956. Most of his time was spent in Germany. He was a medic in an evacuation hospital.

It was “like you see on MASH with all the big tents,” Holler said. “You do the first diagnosis and you do what you can until the surgeon gets to the wounded.”

Holler was stationed there during peace time.

“The guys at the VFW, they’ve been there and done that. I love the heck out of them,” Holler said.

While he was in Germany, he learned German well enough to teach it to other soldiers and their dependents, he said. He eventually became an education adviser where he was stationed. Remembering his past has made him appreciate the present soldiers that much more.

“It’s just something I felt like needed to be done,” Holler said. “I just do what I can, for an old man, and hope it makes a difference in at least one person’s life over there.”

Mizu Sushi

Do you want Sushi? I do. And the perfect place to get it in Laramie, Wyoming is Mizu Sushi. wave

This is our next destination. Mizu Sushi; the best sushi in the most unsuspecting of sushi destinations.

You walk into Mizu Sushi, and you are taken away to the high life of Tokyo, Japan itself. It’s modern. It’s chic. It’s fresh.

If you are looking for a more up town get away, you will definitely feel like you are in the big city, eating fancy sushi at this place. Whenever I go there, I feel like it gives me an excuse to dress up. I feel like I’m in a city whenever I’m in Mizu Sushi.

If you love the chic, city feel of Mizu Sushi, well just wait until you taste the sushi! It is fenominal! But don’t just take my word for it. Try it, and you will fall in love.

As well as Mizu Sushi’s amazing sushi, they have a wide variety of sake, and asian wines for you to taste. My favorite of the sake is their rasberry flavored. There are many types and flavors to try; sake served warm, chilled and in between. If sake is not your cup of tea, then try the Plum Wine; another of my favorites.

Aside from Mizu Sushi’s sushi, and variety of drinks, they also offer a variety of cooked foods as well. One of my favorites is Pho. Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup. You can choose to have chicken, beef, meat balls, or sea food in the soup, and all are great.






Darker than Black: Discrimination in Japan

According to Martin (2009), “Darker than Black is one of those rare series which is consistently better than it probably should be. It has all of the elements necessary to be a run-of-the mill series about super-powered agents, terrorists, and hoodlums, yet somehow it puts them together into two-episode stories which carry a heavier impact and sharper edge. Lurking behind all of the super-powered antics, bloody violence, and intrigue is one of the year’s better series.”untitl

An apocalyptic world with a fake sky, containing fake stars, where a mysterious wall has appeared known as Hell’s Gate is shrouded in more than darkness and death. In this world there are humans and there are also other races known as Contractors and Dolls. These other races resemble humans in appearance, but whether or not they are human is up for debate. Contractors are beings like humans only with special abilities, like super powers. The contractors have to pay a price for using their powers though, which is where the word contract comes in. Their “payment” for the use of their power can be considered a contract of sorts. Typically, their payment is something they despise.

tumblr_inline_modhcsWE0I1qz4rgp“Smoke what we hate to smoke, drink what we hate to drink” is a line spoken by one of the contractors within the show. These contractors are despised and looked down upon by the humans that know about them, viewing them as less than human; simply killing machines. Contractors are used by governments and secret organizations for assassinations and other dirty work. The government and these organizations work hard to keep the existence of contractors unknown from the general public.

The manner in which contractors are treated by those humans who are aware of the existence of them is quite discriminatory. The fact is, they assume they know all there is to know about contractors; that they are cold blooded killers and nothing else. Although, throughout the show, the viewer is lead to believe otherwise; the viewer more or less ends up sympathizing for the contractors.

The main character of the show Hei, also known as The Black Reaper or BK201, is a contractor. He works for a secret organization known as The Syndicate. He carries out various missions throughout the show for this organization, all the while undergoing discrimination simply for what he is; a contractor.

This theme of discrimination against the contractors by the humans, one race against the other seems oddly familiar. The discrimination that goes on in the show can easily be a comparison to the discrimination that goes on in real life. Discrimination against people for their race or ethnicity occurs across the globe. In countries around the world minorities are the people who are discriminated against more often than not. In Japan, the minorities who have a history of being discriminated against are Japanese who are of Korean, Ainu or Burakumin ethnicities.

Elements within the anime Darker than Black are signs for the discrimination against minorities in Japan. Specifically, it is the discrimination against the races of Contractors and Dolls by the race of Humans in the anime Darker than Black that is a sign for the discrimination. Minorities in the anime Darker than Black are discriminated against in similar ways that minorities are discriminated against in real life Japan. The three minorities in Japan that are easily portrayed in Darker than Black are the Ainu, Burakumin and Koreans. There are numerous examples of discrimination against the minorities, Contractors and Dolls in Darker than Black. Three significant examples of discrimination against the minorities in Darker than Black are as follows. The Contractors are considered by the humans to be “less than human”. It is considered taboo for a Human to be romantically involved with a Contractor. Humans continue to be prejudice against the Contractors and discriminate against them specifically for the bad reputation the Contractors have for being a violent, crime committing race.

According to Martin (2008), “Their existence kept secret from the general public, control of contractors is highly-prized by various intelligence organizations and other private interests, though the contractors themselves are sometimes treated as less than human.”

darker2-1Throughout the anime Hei and the other members of his team belonging to The Syndicate, carry out The Syndicate’s biding. Hei often acts irrationally, more on his impulses and personal desires rather than follow orders. This consequently gets him and his team in trouble with The Syndicate. Hei’s team is made up of him and one other Contractor, a Doll and a human. Whenever Hei steers off course from the orders given to them by The Syndicate, Huang the human member of the team threatens Hei. During one such incident, Huang says “You contractors are just weapons, so do your job or get thrown in the fire.”

Yamaguchi’s (2004) article found the following, ‘“You non-humans from the hamlets have blood that is vulgar and tainted,” reads one of the letters sent to Aoki, who said the missives are sometimes intentionally sent to his neighbors to embarrass him.” This quote from Mari Yamaguchi’s article is about a Burakumin man who tries to live a normal life within the Japanese society. He constantly receives harassment and discrimination for choosing to live outside of the hamlets, or villages designated by the Japanese government for living quarters of Burakumin people. They are often ridiculed when they choose to live outside of the hamlets.

Just as the Burakumin people are treated as “less than human” within Japanese society, so are the Contractors treated with an equal amount of discrimination within the world of Darker than Black. Burakumin are not the only minority in Japan that Contractors can easily be compared to in Japan though. Korean Japanese are also very discriminated against in Japan. There are numerous stories of marriages, engagements and relationships being disrupted solely based on the fact that one of them is a minority, including Korean Japanese citizens.

A_Doll_Showing_FeelingsThis same occurrence happens in Darker than Black. As stated previously, it is considered taboo for a Human to be romantically involved with a Contractor or a Doll for that matter. As the name “Doll” implies, they are treated even less human than Contractors are. During the anime, there is a human man who falls in love with a Doll. As expected, this is much looked down upon by other the humans. “I can’t believe you would throw it all away for a thing like that doll,” said a friend of the man.

Occurrences of discrimination similar to what happens in the anime happen in Japan more than we would like to think. Japanese citizens young and old contribute to the ongoing discrimination of minorities in Japan. Alas though, there are many Japanese citizens who do not agree with the way minorities are treated. Where you will find Japanese who are more accepting of minorities, is in the youth of Japan.

Meet Allisha Furuya. She is a 25 year old, beautiful, intelligent full Japanese woman; freshly graduated from a prestigious University in Japan. She strongly disagrees with the discrimination of minorities in Japan. In fact, she has experienced the discrimination against Korean-Japanese people first hand; not against her, but against her relationship with a Korean-Japanese man.

“My ex-boyfriend was 3/4 Korean. I almost married him, but we broke up last year. Everyone told me they’re relieved because they weren’t that happy that I was dating a Korean guy, for no specific reason; just because of his race. People don’t say that to you directly, but they were definitely implying his nationality. My mom said it was okay if I wanted to marry him because her interest was my happiness. But she told me she was glad that I dated him after her parents, grandma and grandpa passed away. They would have been so disappointed if they were alive. I guess because they experienced WWII. The Koreans were discriminated then, and the grandparents passed it to our generation,” said Allisha Furuya (personal communication, November 15, 2013).

Discrimination like this is far too common in Japan. It is no wonder there is even anime that portrays the ongoing problem. Another aspect of the ongoing discrimination of minorities in Japan that is portrayed in Darker than Black is the bad reputation that a select few have made for Burakumin and Korean people alike. Burakumin and Korean people are known for crime in Japan, just as the Contractors are known for crime in Darker than Black.

untitleHumans continue to be prejudice against the Contractors and discriminate against them specifically for the bad reputation the Contractors have for being a violent, crime committing race. One example of this from the anime is towards the end of the series. The conflict between the Humans and the Contractors finally comes to a head. A way becomes evident to completely annihilate one race or the other. Both sides are fighting a race against the clock to rid themselves of the other side.

“You kill your enemy or accept defeat. Violence only escalates. Humans and Contractors will attack each other with increasing fear and retribution until one side draws its last breath. How can you not understand that?” says a Darker than Black human character that is fighting against the Contractors, to a human who sympathizes for the Contractors.

The degree to which this character despises Contractors is quite similar to how much many Japanese people despise the minorities in Japan, specifically Koreans and Buraku, or Burakumin still today. The crimes of a few are what give a bad name for all Koreans and Buraku. This is unfair for the rest of the Korean and Buraku people, who may actually be decent, productive members of society. But regardless of fairness or truthfulness, the rest of Japanese society then views the entire population of Korean and Buraku minorities to be no good, law-breaking criminals. Many Japanese discriminate against the Korean and Buraku minorities based solely on the wrong-doings of just a few.

Meet Daisuke Yamagoto. He is a 27 year old, full Japanese man, who is a DJ at a dance club in Tokyo, Japan. He doesn’t believe there is discrimination of minorities in Japan. In fact, he is upset with the rights that the minorities, such as the Korean and Buraku Japanese do receive. He believes they are all bad; criminals up to no good.

“Those ‘“minority’” people are not a minority. Here has been no racism for those people. But they say ‘“Japanese are racists’” or such stuffs. They are taking advantage of this situation a lot. Like they get a lot of money from government, but they use Japanese names when they do crime. And media, TV, news, etc. knew about it, but they don’t tell the truth. Because those “‘minority’” people bought media, so they control that news. I’m talking about Koreans and Buraku people,” said Myuji Yoshida (personal communication, November 13, 2013).

It is this kind of hate, and misunderstanding that leads to the kind of “war” and destruction between opposing people, just as in the end of Darker than Black when the fighting between the humans and the Contractors lead both races to an attempt to completely eliminate the other.imagesCAUH1UI8

Although the majority of people desire to eliminate the other race completely, there are a few who believe both races should live on and strive to coexist. Hei, the main character is one of those few. In the end, Hei, or The Black Reeper also known as BK201 decides to take the middle road. He intervenes in both sides’ plans, to save both races from extinction. It is Hei’s ultimate decision to accept both races of people for whom and “what” they are, that saves them all. Perhaps Hei’s acceptance for all of the races in the world of Darker than Black is a sign for what the creators of the anime desire for the people of Japan; acceptance for all of Japan’s people.

Sex and the City: Good advice or just pure entertainment?

326773e2c6516737f8c3aff0b6c036caQuestions posed by Carrie Bradshaw, the star character of Sex and the City, are questions I believe us women all seem to ask about our own love lives, only more eloquently put.

As a young woman in my mid twenties, I too wonder many of the same questions as Carrie Bradshaw. Can I take Carrie’s experiences through out the show and apply her lessons learned to my own love life?

Is Sex and the City a source of good advice for us women looking for love?

“I’m looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-with-out-each-other love” said Carrie Bradshaw.

Well so am I, and as a faithful fan of Sex and the City, I often find myself wondering the same questions as Carrie.

Sex and The City is a television show that centers around Carrie Bradshaw, who writes a column for a newspaper in New York. Her and  her three best girl friends help each other through their ups and downs in their love lives. Although the men in their lives come and go, some longer than others, the four of them stick together.

In Carrie’s column, she writes about love. The love lives of her and her friends help to fuel the fire within her column. The events that occur within their lives stimulate her questions she poses within her column. Some of the questions she writes about are:

  • “Do you know what the odds of catching a fly ball are? I didn’t. I couldn’t help wondering if they were any higher … than finding a relationship that would last.” [Episode one, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”]
  • “I couldn’t help but wonder: Inside every confident, driven, single woman, is there a delicate, fragile princess just waiting to be saved? Was Charlotte right? Do women just wanna be rescued?” [Episode one, “Where There’s Smoke … “]
  • “I couldn’t help but wonder: Can you make a mistake and miss your fate?” [Episode eighteen, “I Heart NY”]
  • “I couldn’t help but wonder: When will waiting for the one be done?” [Episode twelve, “One”]

Thinking about these few questions taken from the show, I have found myself asking the same exact questions… But what are the answers to these questions? Throughout the show, Carrie does find answers to these questions.

The answer I find to be the most relate-able and helpful, especially to these few questions, is this one:


I believe Carrie is right in saying this. After all, it does us no good to obsessively worry about something. And often times, I find in my own experiences that worrying too much usually only worsens the situation.

The relationship I am in right now is a perfect example of this situation.

This relationship stands alone in my book; the book of my past and present. Was it my age/experiences especially my experiences with past relationships that was making this one so good?

Passion and understanding; seems to be what we have. Our passion for each other is definitely a driving force, if not the driving force in our relationship. The understanding, on the other hand is what makes a world of a difference. Forgiving and forgetting. Admitting and trusting.

I could have let the mistakes and mishaps of my pass relationships govern this one but I was not going to. In fact I did at one point let my worries of past hurts in relationships govern my actions in this one. If not for the understanding of my significant other in this relationship it could have gone south. Also, it was my “letting go” of my worries that really freed me. After all, I can’t control the future but I can control my attitude, so I might as well just “let go” and enjoy the ride.

The ability to let go of the past is what counts. The hurt from your past will never go away, but whether you let that hurt govern your present and future decisions and actions is up to you. Time heals wounds, yes, but during the healing process it takes understanding people to help you along the way. 

Java Java = love love

1057413_10201432847566783_601538220_n I went to Java Java today, the drive up coffee stand located on Grand ave, and LOVED it!!!

The owner Kim Shaver, is usually always there in the mornings. I met her today, and she is the sweetest lady. She has been working at, and managing this location of Java Java for 13 years now, and bought Java Java four years ago and has been a proud owner ever since.

The prices are pretty good, possibly the cheapest in town as far as specialty coffee places go here in Laramie. I was quite pleased when she told me the price of my drink. “I just can’t raise the prices, I would feel bad raising the prices on my people,” Kim Shaver said concerned for her costumers.

The drink I bought today was Java Java’s version of the Caramel Machiatto, and it was very satisfying. Now this was actually the second drink I have tried at Java Java. Just a couple days ago, I went there for the first time in the afternoon, and ordered their iced White Chocolate Mocha and it was heavenly. Not to mention, the worker then was also so very sweet and friendly, just like the owner.

When Kim Shaver handed my drink to me today, she also gave me one of their Free Drink Punch Cards, and she also pointed out their Trivia Question of the Day. The way it goes is if you answer the Trivia Question right, you receive a free sweet treat. I believe the prize for today were muffins, but alas I guessed wrong… Oh well. Next time.

Well thank you Java Java! I had a wonderful experience today, and the other day as well. I am definitely a happy customer, and will return soon! I guarantee.

Java Java:

(307) 745-9338

2208 E. Grand Ave. Laramie, WY 82070-5256


Kim Shaver, the owner of Java Java


The Java Java menu

Finals Distresser

Click on the link below to view the story:


Our assignment was to tell a news worthy story using video. My partner and I decided to attend and cover the Finals Distress-er held in the Union building, Friday, May 3rd; the Friday before finals week. Finals week is the most stressful week of the semester for students. With all of this stress it is nice to take a night to just relax and forget about all of the worries of Finals week. The Finals Distresser is definitely a good opportunity for that to happen.

The experience of being in and around the Finals Distresser event was really fun and enjoyable. My partner and I are a great testament to just how stress relieving the Finals Distresser night really was. We went there to capture the event for reporting sake, and ended up having a great time in the process.

Now, the most stressful part of the video project was the editing the video, and not even that, trying to get the video once we were done editing it, to upload onto YouTube. For some reason, our video would only play when opened in the Adobe Premier program, and would not play in any other program, or online, email, YouTube, etc. Oh yes, that along with the fact that while editing the video in Adobe Premier, the program would keep closing on us…….. and delete the most recent changes to the video. We tried multiple times to put music into our video, and none of them would ever save in the video. In fact, we tried three different songs.

While doing this assignment, I learned much about recording/capturing an event on camera to make a unique/fun story. I also learned much about editing video, through using the program Adobe Premier to put our final video together. It really surprised me when the video would not upload!!!!! (for the 15th time!!!!!) I really wish I could have edited the video differently, as in easier…. I wish it would have been easier…

Now don’t get me wrong, I really did enjoy creating a story through video. The process of taking the video, and interviewing people, and experiencing the event from behind a video camera was fun and exciting. Capturing video at the event made me feel professional. It was fun! I think it was a great experience.

I definitely see myself using video in my future career. I have made videos for other courses and such, and I really enjoy it. Within the field of Communications, Public Relations, and Journalism, there are many opportunities to use video. Videos can be as unique as the creator of them wants them to be. So with that, I will let my creativity fly.

Live Tweeting

To see my Run Josh Run event live tweets please check out my Twitter page, and click on the link below.


For this assignment we were instructed to live tweet an event on Twitter. I decided to live tweet the even “Run Josh Run” which was a 24 run on March 20. It was a fundraiser for EWB (Engineers without Borders) to raise money to build a school for children in Kenya.

Live tweeting this event was very enjoyable. It was my first experience live tweeting an event like this in a professional setting, with a professional mind set. I have live tweeted events before, but it has only been for fun, and just saying whatever is of interest to me, so this was definitely a good experience for me to live tweet an event as a professional would.

There wasn’t anything I disliked about live tweeting the event, although I did find some aspects of the experience a bit challenging. The most challenging aspect was relaying the exact correct information from my ears and eyes straight into a tweet while trying to stay under 140 characters, and remembering the correct hash tags to use and all other pertinent information as well in a timely manner without forgetting anything.

From this experience of live tweeting a live event, I learned that the process of live tweeting is not all that easy to do. Its fast pace, and correct information is crucial. It really surprised me just how fast pace it was. There were a few tweets I wanted to post with a quote the announcer said over the loud speaker at the event, but I wasn’t fast enough typing it into my phone to catch it correctly, and so I ended up scratching those tweet attempts. I wish I could have been faster and tweeting the quote so I would have been able to use it. I will try to improve my speed and memory retention for the next time I want to live tweet an event, and be able to use a quote someone says live at the event.

I can definitely see me using social media, especially Twitter in my future career in the Communications field, and especially in Public Relations or Journalism of any sort. I can see myself live tweeting events as a part of my future job for sure. With more practice I will hone my live tweeting skills, and utilize it in every which way possible.


Click on the link below to view the story.


For this assignment, we were instructed to do a news event, or feature story using a photo slideshow with audio interviews and ambient noise from the event or place of story. The assignment was to get experience with more media story telling. The more wide variety of experiences I have with different forms of media, the more credible I will be as a multimedia journalist or Public Relations professional.

The part of getting the material with my partner went well. We decided to do a feature story on the coffee shop in Laramie, Coal Creek Coffee. We wanted to find out from two patrons why they choose to go to Coal Creek, and why they like it. From the employee of Coal Creek, we wanted to know how she likes working at Coal Creek, and what kind of patron she sees frequent the coffee shop.

So my partner and I met up at Coal Creek, and interviewed the employee, and two patrons there, and I took many good photos for the story. When it came down to editing the photo slideshow, I was not able to transfer my photos from the camera to a computer because the style of camera was too old, so the usb cord wouldn’t fit into any computer, and the memory card the photos were on was too large to fit into any computer as well. So this was frustrating. We ended up just using pictures I had taken on my phone, which were not as good of quality, but the picutres were still nice.

It was difficult to meet up with my partner due to schedule conflicts, but other than that I believe we had an alright partnership. I wish we would have been able to get together more. The audio interviews went well for the most part. It was hard to get high quality sound, with background noise all around. Soundslides repeatedly would not work or even open for that matter. Because of this our assignment ended up being a couple days late. I would say for future assignments, I would really like to be more experienced with the soundslides program. If it is a partner/group project, we will need to plan ahead of time on when to meet up, and we would need to start working on the project a lot sooner.

Edited Audio Profile

For this assignment, we were instructed to edit the audio recorded interview down to two minutes, excluding the interviewers voice, and smoothing out the kinks in the raw audio version of the interview. My audio editing experience was fun. It started out slightly rough, getting the mechanics of the sound editing program Audacity. It soon became a breeze though, and was smooth sailing from there. Through my experience editing the interview, I became more familiar with the controls and features of Audacity. I also learned just how tricky and exact you need to be when editing audio. The slightest change can make the biggest difference.

I enjoyed this assignment. I enjoyed the experience of being able to manipulate sound, and audio to create something new and better than the original. The power to manipulate sound could possibly be quite addicting… On the other hand I did not enjoy how tricky and touchy the process of sound editing was. Through my experience I made a new best friend; the “undo” button…

The entire experience of sound editing was an eye opening experience, and pleasant surprise to me. I was actually thinking the process of sound editing was going to be very difficult, and although I did find the process to be challenging, I found it to be quite enjoyable.

Overall I am pretty pleased with my sound editing results. I don’t necessarily wish I could have done something differently, but I do wish the process itself had gone a bit more smoothly… It took a while to create a finished product I was satisfied with. But with time, and experience I will learn to edit audio more smoothly and quickly.

Audio Profile

For this assignment we were instructed to conduct an audio recorded interview of a classmate and vise versa. I interviewed Trevor Anderson, a classmate of mine. It was an interesting experience. I found it more difficult to interview someone on an audio recorder, because it leaves little room for mistakes. Every little thing you do or say, or do not say for that matter is recorded; everything is final. Being both the interviewer and the interviewee was fairly difficult. With being the interviewer, you are faced with the challenge of filling just the right amount of dead space with continual questions that flow nicely. Being the interviewee is equally challenging. As the interviewee, you are faced with the challenge of sounding natural and at ease while answering questions in appropriate length and detail for the givien alotted time for the interview.

I learned much much from this experience of interviewing with audio recording. Mostly, it was a great learning experience, just being able to have the experience. I learned to be very prepared as the interviewer with multiple possible questions to ask, and be ready to ask a multitude of impromptu questions as the subject of your interview may answer questions in an unexpected direction.

I enjoyed the actual experience of the interview process. Although the interview process was challenging, I enjoyed it. The process of the question and answer session was enjoyable. It felt like it was a professional interview for a feature story of some sort. The part that I did not enjoy was the time constraints of the interview. The time constraint of five minutes, or within thirty seconds of five minutes made the interview process more rigid, and not as relaxing as would have been liked.

I wish the sound of the interview on the audio recording went a little smoother, with less long, awkward pauses…….. My manner of speaking, asking questions as the interviewer could have been more relaxed and professional sounding, as could my answers have been as the intervewee. With more practice, I believe my interviewing skills, and interviewee skills will improve, as with all of my multi media skills I am honing while in this course.