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For this assignment, we were instructed to do a news event, or feature story using a photo slideshow with audio interviews and ambient noise from the event or place of story. The assignment was to get experience with more media story telling. The more wide variety of experiences I have with different forms of media, the more credible I will be as a multimedia journalist or Public Relations professional.

The part of getting the material with my partner went well. We decided to do a feature story on the coffee shop in Laramie, Coal Creek Coffee. We wanted to find out from two patrons why they choose to go to Coal Creek, and why they like it. From the employee of Coal Creek, we wanted to know how she likes working at Coal Creek, and what kind of patron she sees frequent the coffee shop.

So my partner and I met up at Coal Creek, and interviewed the employee, and two patrons there, and I took many good photos for the story. When it came down to editing the photo slideshow, I was not able to transfer my photos from the camera to a computer because the style of camera was too old, so the usb cord wouldn’t fit into any computer, and the memory card the photos were on was too large to fit into any computer as well. So this was frustrating. We ended up just using pictures I had taken on my phone, which were not as good of quality, but the picutres were still nice.

It was difficult to meet up with my partner due to schedule conflicts, but other than that I believe we had an alright partnership. I wish we would have been able to get together more. The audio interviews went well for the most part. It was hard to get high quality sound, with background noise all around. Soundslides repeatedly would not work or even open for that matter. Because of this our assignment ended up being a couple days late. I would say for future assignments, I would really like to be more experienced with the soundslides program. If it is a partner/group project, we will need to plan ahead of time on when to meet up, and we would need to start working on the project a lot sooner.